Meet Ruki

Hi there beautiful,
I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Rukmini (but you can call me Ruki)

I work with Wellness Coaches (just like you) to have gorgeous websites and strategic personal brands so that you can grow your visibility, build your tribe and scale your income, and have the business of your dreams with less hustle and more fun.

I’m Rukmini (but you can call me Ruki)

I work with Wellness Coaches (just like you) to have gorgeous websites and strategic personal brands so that you can grow your visibility, build your tribe and scale your income, and have the business of your dreams with less hustle and more fun.

My absolute passion in life is to empower wellness coaches to spread their message, get ridiculously successful at their business, and thereby creating a world for everyone that is healthier and happier. 

The reason I work specifically with health coaches is because of my own journey, struggles and successes. 

I believe that we all entered this line of work for a reason and the work we desire to do is so not only important but absolutely necessary  in this day and age. I want to see you succeeding and making a living while helping others have massive results in their own lives

My Journey

that led me here

The path i’m on now was not what i had planned for my life .  I have a degree in Education and a Master’s in Business Administration, but my life took a turn in 2010.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. And although I was able to recover through holistic medicineit ignited a spark in me to learn more about nutrition and share the same with others.

I became a raw food chef, health coach and yoga teacher initially so i could help my family improve their health and my journey of learning is still continuing.

But I have since also built a thriving business with monthly detoxes, cooking classes and nutrition workshops.  I now also own and run a yoga studio where i work with 13 teachers in running retreats and workshops.

But it wasn’t always easy. It didn’t happen overnight.

Through my years building a business as a health coach, I realized that the struggles that stop most of us from getting visible and making more income doing what we love were the same.

And the feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion that accompany entrepreneurship are all too common for everyone.

With the way the health of the world at large is deteriorating, we are needed now more than ever to  play a pivotal role in empowering our clients to make better choices. 

But we can’t do that until we start getting visible and showing up so our clients can find us and seek our help.

So I'm here to share what I've learnt over the years so you can have an easier time building your dream business. 

Fast Forward to Now

Less Hustle… More Flow

The road to a successful health coaching business was not always easy. In the beginning, I invested all my energy and time into learning about health and wellness thinking that would lead me to thrive in my health coaching business.

I was ready to start transforming lives, but i still had to learn a lot about business

After years of investing in tranings, mentorships and personal coaching, i made some expensive mistakes and learned some valuable lessons that helped me succeed in my business.


I didn’t have clarity on my ideal client, my message, or my unique selling value and hence I wasn’t focused. I was experimenting with too many things and all this left me super overwhelmed and exhausted.


I Simplified and Nailed down my niche, got my branding and messaging down so my ideal clients knew who i was and what was unique about my value and service. I learned to work smarter, not harder. Plus it has the added benefit of getting my ideal clients excited to work with me​


Spending way too much time on my website and trying to figure out the tech. I saw what other experts were doing and tried to implement the same strategies without a full understanding of what is involved in the backend. My first website went through 


Got the support of mentors and coaches who had walked this path before me and could show me the way of less hustle. This helped me create a client attracting website. One that was not only gorgeous but was serving my business i.e converting visitors into leads and then into paying customers through proper planning, execution and launch.


Spent most of my time creating programs, content and services without really having an audience to share with. And because I wasn’t sure if anyone would actually buy what I create, I hid in creation mode trying to make my work more perfect rather than putting it out in front of my potential client.


Focused my energy on building an audience first. So I started using the content I had and built my email list first. Then I surveyed my audience in terms of exactly what they needed. I was then able to create content, coaching packages and products they asked for which led me to having a thriving business.

And these mistakes are not unique to me.

Most coaches I spoke to shared that they were going through the same struggles.
Lack of clarity on their unique message, how to get visible and how to build their audience.

Yet, there is such a need for health coaches who provide the transformation that I was providing my clients. 

So, I decided to work with Wellness pros to create powerful branding, visibility and client attraction strategies so they can help more people achieve the results that i’ve been helping my health coaching clients achieve

It can feel really overwhelming to be an entrepreneur, I KNOW, but I want to be here for you because I get your struggles. 

But more important than that, I truly believe the world needs wellness coaches like you (now more than ever) to really influence the health and well being of the people, so our kids can have better futures. 

So even though this is my website, it’s dedicated to you.
To help you transform your business so you can keep supporting your clients.

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