Brand Identity

It’s All About You

What does your brand look like, feel like, sound like? Whether you’re just starting out or need a fresh new approach, we’ll build your brand into one that is immediately identifiable.

A strong visual identity is more than a logo. It’s a promise your business makes to your customers. It differentiates and defines you. It embodies who you are, what you do and how you want to be perceived. Above all, it creates value – and inspires loyalty.

But getting the right branding for the message you want to convey is an art form. It’s a subtle combination of getting all the right elements to exist harmoniously – graphics, colors, type and texture. That’s where Health Coach Success comes in. We’ll help you develop an effective and appropriate identity by building upon an in-depth understanding of your business and customer mindset. Over time, this visual representation of your business will become a promise of quality. It will be unique, adaptable across any kind of media and have a classic quality that gives it staying power.

Your Visual Identity Will include: Your Visual Identity Will include:

Knowing your Identity

Research and discovery about your unique business

Custom Design

ie. (Logo + Brand Board + Mood Board)

Visual Elements

Complementary visual elements, from your stationery to your website, marketing pieces and presentations

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines containing usage information for all visual elements of your brand

Get Access to your Roadmap to a successful Business

Before you start to give up, let me give you a 10 step checklist to show you how i’ve grown my wellness business over the last 4 years and how you can too.

There is no need to feel stuck and frustrated, people are searching for you and if you implement the tips i’ve shared, you too can achieve the financial freedom you crave.

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