Are you ready to create a personal brand that instantly attracts your ideal client

And helps you stand out in a sea of coaches!

Having a personal brand in place does more than make your business look pretty. 

It help you  connect with your current and future clients & in turn, create massive momentum and greater profit for your business.

Of course being pretty should be a given, but your Brand is much more than that.

Is this you?

  • You’re frustrated, not knowing how to really stand out in a sea of other coaches.

  • You’re sick of DIY-ing your Branding and are looking for someone with more experience but without the costly price and the feel of a big agency.

  • You’re branding is a hodge-podge mess and makes even you feel confused what you stand for and so of course it is not connecting with your audience.

  • Your branding is not clear, compelling, consistent and captivating.

  • Your branding isn’t attracting in your ideal clients – it’s repelling them -eke!!!

Captivating Brands start with Clarity and Magnetize your ideal client

A clear mission (WHY), combined with your passion and a thoughtfully crafted design is what creates brands that are memorable, sharable and different.

Honing in on your expertise and having clarity on your vision will help you in being able to connect with your current and future clients & in turn, create massive momentum and greater profit with your Business.

Because a strong brand  is more than just a logo.. It is every single experience that your client has with your business.

It differentiates and defines you. It embodies who you are, what you do and what makes you truly unique.
Above all, it creates value and inspires loyalty.

Are you ready to:

  • Finally have massive clarity and confidence in your brand so you can speak to your ideal clients in a meaningful and unique way.

  • Have professional consistent branding that makes you look like the talented and credible coach that you are

  • Let your potential clients connect with your energy so you can stand out in an oversaturated market

  • Always have consistent visuals ( your images, graphics a.k.a look and feel) so you can stop stressing every time you post and always look fabulous online.

  • Have more time to focus on attracting and working with you ideal clients working your magic in transforming their lives.

  • Have a fellow girlboss/health coach friend to cheer you on and take you step by step through the process so it’s easy and fun

Welcome to the 

Holistic Brand Creation Experience


I help you take it beyond your Visuals to uncover your message so that you can better connect with your audience and create lasting relationships and more business.

Are you ready for a Comprehensive Brand Identity, not just a logo but a full brand experience that is sure to wow your clients?

It all starts with a Strong Brand Experience so
let’s make your first impression an unforgettable one.

3 parts to the Holistic Brand Identity Experience

  • Your why a.k.a your story
  • Your Mission
  • Your Values
  • Your Idea Client Analysis
  • Your Marketing Message
  • Your Unique Factor
  • Your Color Pallete 
  • Brand Board: Logo, Design Elements, Patterns, Icons
  • Social Media Graphics

Getting the right branding for the message you want to convey is an art form.

It’s a subtle combination of getting all the right elements to exist harmoniously – graphics, colors, type and texture.

I’ll help you create you personal brand by first having an in-depth understanding of your business, your vision, your values and who your ideal client is.

At the end you will have consistent brand elements like your logo, fonts, images, patterns, social media graphics and most important of all your messaging so you can always be speaking to and resonating with your ideal clients.

Save time, look professional, Gain confidence, and let out a sigh of relief.

Check out some of my Client Works:
Mood Boards

Hi there, I’m Ruki

Through my extensive background in corporate and then the health and wellness industry, I developed a passion for helping wellness pros to stand out and shine with their online presence, so they can impact more people’s lives while creating a sustainable business.

One of the ways I do this is by helping them create brands and websites that go beyond the pretty and encourage visitors to take action. I share the same strategies, passion and heart that I put into building my brand and my businesses with my tribe as well.

Why work with me:

I’ve stood in your shoes when I was just starting out my health coaching practice. My first few Brand Identities were based on what I saw around the industry, I got lost in what everyone else was doing online.

I didn’t have a voice yet and I focused purely on the visual aspects of my branding.

I was struggling to really stand out online, or know what content to create,  or what marketing strategies to use, etc. And it wasn’t until I looked at the big picture with my business and branding that everything else started falling into place.

I can’t wait to help you create your personal brand so that you can have more clarity, more confidence and more income in your business.

When we work together on your client attracting personal brand,

  1. You can worry less about design / aesthetics and have more time to focus on your actual business or services and clients. (No more worrying about social media graphics, fonts, how to put it all together, none of that!)

  2. You will receive one of a kind customer service (No need to search for me or wait on hold, we’ll share whatsapp numbers and stay connected long after we have completed the project)

  3. You will gain knowledge and expertise from a small business coach (that’s me) because I’ve been there and been through the process. (I will provide you with real solutions to any problems you encounter)

Here's the process we go through:

Clarity & Strategy

I start every project with intentional research and strategy. You will complete a comprehensive questionnaire that digs deep into the soul of your Brand. From there I will be able to build a solid Brand strategy & Mood Board which serves as the foundation for the design process.

Brand Design

It’s time for a full custom design. I will present 3 options of concepts and explain why they are the best designs for your holistic Brand that attracts your ideal customer.

Sketch and Refine

We will sketch and refine it so we can bring it to life with lots of love. Then I’ll work on the brand collaterals until you are satisfied.

Launch & Celebrate

It’s time for the fun part. We’ll create a launch strategy for your improved brand. I’ll put together a brand style guide so you feel 100% confident in implementing your new look. Then we’ll pop a kombucha and have some fun.

So what will u receive at the end of the Experience:

  • Main Logo
  • Alternate Logo
  • Submark
  • Watermark
  • Favicon
  • Font suggestions
  • 2 -3 patterns
  • Color Suggestions
  • Mood Board
  • Brand Board
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Upto 3 revisions
  • Plus a whole bunch of clarity through our conversations/ calls on your Core Message, your Audience and Unique Factor + Your Visuals.

Need Custom Elements?

Need something else? Please inquire about other items you would like to have with your branding. Whether that is monthly design work, or future projects or further enhancements to your brand identity. I’m here for you.

Ready to invest in creating a personal brand that helps you stand out from the competition and attracts your Ideal Client ?

Yes, me too… I can’t wait to work with you.
Investment – $ 697

Check out some of my clients Brand Boards

You have Questions?

We Have Answers

The process takes anywhere between 3 -4 Weeks with a specific start and finish date scheduled. But it is contingent upon your timely communication. Be sure to get in touch before you decide to start working with me if you still have any questions
Absolutely, having a Holistic Brand Identity can be a great foundation for your new business. It will allow you to attract you dream clients and build a lasting brand right from the start.
For all projects, a Brand Identity questionnaire should be completed by you before we get started.
We’ll start with a 50% deposit before beginning the project and the remaining 50% before delivery of the final files. I accept both credit cards and PayPal.

After completion of our project, I will send all your designs in JPG ( white background ), png (transparent background) and Adobe Illustrator Files. 

Social Media Banners and Graphics will be created in Canva and shared with you via email. Canva is a free design tool that is easy for non designers to use.

No, everything you need is included. However you may find that you need additional collateral materials like business cards, ebook design etc, they will be at an extra cost. You will receive all the materials needed for a gorgeous online presence.

I so hear u.. I’ve been there… taking the leap and investing in your business can be something that makes you really nervous, but speaking from experience, when i invest in myself and my business, the money comes back to me.  And this program / service will help you go beyond the logo into your messaging which will help you really stand out in the market.

Ready to begin? I'd love to work with you.

Invest in a Brand that is meaningful, purposeful, connects and converts.
Only- $ 697